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10x13 Poly Mailers-Flat (Single)

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Designer Styles:

Designer Mailers custom printed poly mailers will delight your customers creating unboxing joy while giving the best first impression with the unique style and care these adorable package deliver. Other designs are available. Just message me to request them.

  • Unsurpassed Water & Tear Resistance - Superior side seams combined with Heavy Duty polyethylene make these High Quality envelopes highly resistant to water, punctures, and tears
  • Pressure sensitive self seal - Easy packing, tamper-evident, and super secure closure
  • Light Weight & Time Saving - Lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equal big savings over other packaging option
  • 100% recyclable

Shop Small:
"In the Vast Sea - Don't Overlook the Little Fish - Shop Small" - written in fun, bohemian paint (The T is intentionally placed over the N in the word Don't). Shop Small Beach outer Design with Sign & Message across the front and back / Grey inner lining.

White outer surface/Red inner lining - Multi color printed Watermelon design across both the front and back of each bag.

White (with a slight pale pink hue) outer surface/Pink inner lining - Pink & Black printed Flamingo design across both the front and back of each bag.

Pastel Pink & Yellow Printed outer surface/Pink inner lining - White printed Unicorn design across front of each bag.

Blue outer surface with White Nautical Print across the front and back / Grey inner lining.

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