Ready to Print Customer Uploaded Design - Dye Sub Heat Transfer Sheet

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This listing is for a design of which you have the high resolution file and does not require any changes AT ALL. These files must be the high resolution original file. No screenshots or low resolution files will be accepted. If you need to know if your file is high resolution enough to print, please email the file to prior to ordering so we can check for you.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY WHITE AREA INSIDE THE IMAGE AREA WILL NOT PRINT WHITE. PRINTERS CANNOT PRINT A WHITE COLOR. THESE AREAS WILL BE THE SAME COLOR AS THE GARMENT YOU ARE PRESSING THE IMAGE ON. These dye sublimation transfers are printed to order. This listing is NOT for the shirt. This is for the dye sub heat transfer sheet to make this design on a shirt. Please be fully aware of how to do the dye sublimation process prior to ordering. Due to the nature of this product, it is non-returnable.

A heat press is required to use dye sublimation transfers and the garment must be at least 50% polyester. The higher the polyester count, the brighter the image will be after pressing. Light colors, pastels and whites will produce the best colors.
Standard T-shirt Press Instructions: 400 degrees at 60 seconds. Add a few seconds if the design contains a lot of black. 


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