Rubber Car Coaster Design - Dye Sub Heat Transfer Sheet

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There will be 8 included on a sheet. Sheet size is 8-1/2x11. Each coaster design is a little over 2-1/2 inches so they are perfect for 2-1/2 car coasters and will include a small bleed (so design will go all the way to the edges).

Pressing Directions:
Time: 60 Seconds 
Temperature: 400° F
Pressure: Light

Hover transfer under open heat press for 10 seconds to dry excess moisture.

1. Cover the bottom table of the press with a sheet of protective paper.
2. Lint roll the image area of the coaster.
3. Cut out and secure sublimation transfer design to coaster using adhesive spray.
4. Place coaster face up, with sublimation transfer sheet face down, on top of protective paper on bottom table.
5. Top with protective paper and press according to time, temperature, and pressure above.

These dye sublimation transfers are printed to order. Please be fully aware of how to do the dye sublimation process prior to ordering. Due to the nature of this product, it is non-returnable.

A heat press is required to use dye sublimation transfers and the substrate must be sub ready.